The Faculty of Human Environmental Studies  Academic Staff
Professor (Total:12)
Name Specialization Areas
   HASEGAWA Hiroshi Environmental impactassessment, Other, Other
   IWATA Hiroki Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy, Environmental Management
   KAWAMURA Kunio Origin of Life, Environmental Technology, Hydrothermal Chemistry and Technology, Analytical Chemistry, Nucleic acid Chemistry, Theory of Origin and Evolution of Biospheres, Citizen Science
   MIYASAKA Kazuo Philosophy/Ethics
   NA Sonin Environmental Economics, Environmental Policies, Design and evaluation ofsustainable and environmentalconscious system
   NAKASONO Atsunori Japanese linguistics, Sociology of education
   NISHIMURA Hitoshi Education for Sustainable Development, Social Innovation, Policy Science
   OGATA Tomonori Exercise physiology, Sports science, Applied health science
   OKUDA Kei Wildlife Ecology, Wildlife Management, Radioecology
   SASAKI Midori Other, Other, Other
   SHIMOMURA Hidetsugu Environmental policy and socialsystems
   TOYOZUMI Tomomi Environmental policy and socialsystems, Environmental policy and socialsystems
Associate Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   MATSUKAWA Taichi Sociology, Environmental policy and socialsystems
   MIYAGAWA Takuya Sociology/History of scienceand technology
   OKANISHI Masanori Other, Other
Assistant Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   HASEGAWA Naohiro Phylogeny and Taxonomy, Evolution
   SHIRAISHI Chihiro Economic policy, Public finance/Public economy, Environmental policy and socialsystems
   SUZUKI Tomoya Evolutionary biology, Other, Other
Assistant Professor (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
   NAGAI Shotaro Human interface and interaction, Human interface and interaction, Perceptual informationprocessing, Experimental psychology, Clothing life/Dwelling life
Lecturer (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
   DYKES Kumiko English linguistics, Other, Other