The Faculty of Global and Community Studies  Academic Staff
Professor (Total:16)
Name Specialization Areas
   FUNATSU Yasushi International Politics, religious studies, regional studies
   HIROMOTO Masayuki Public Policy
   HOY, Keith C. Global Issues in a Multi-cultural context
   ITO Toshiyasu Economic policy
   JAMES, Daniel Linguistics, English linguistics, English as a Lingua Franca, Images of Japan & Japanese People in English Language Cinema
   MIKAMI Takanori International relations, International relations, International relations
   MIURA Hiroyuki Urban and Regional DesignCitizen Participation, Open Governance,, Lifelong learning, Environmental System, Environmental Design,
   NANAMI Akiko International relations
   O Ihin International relations, Historical studies in general
   SADO Noriko International relations, Peace Studies
   SAWA Toshiharu Public law, Politics, Public law
   SHINOHARA Hajime Politics
   TAKEI Mitsuko Linguistics, Japanese linguistics, Foreign language education
   TOWNSEND, Jana M. Japan Studies, Foreign Language Education, Intercultural Communication
   UNO Nobuhiro Cultural anthropology
   YATABE Junji International History, Modern History of Czechoslovakia, Area Studies in Central Europe
Associate Professor (Total:3)
Name Specialization Areas
   KIHARA Ichiro Local Communication Design, Urban Environmental design, Architectural Design Theory, Area Based Manegement
   SUMIDA Sugata Sociology of education, Sociology
   YANO Hidenori Labour and Employment Policy
Assistant Professor (Total:2)
Name Specialization Areas
   ASONUMA Haruna International relations, Politics, History of Europe and America
   KOSUDA Sho Politics
Lecturer (Total:1)
Name Specialization Areas
   ITO Kayoko Japanese language education