Department   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Human Environmental Studies
   Position   Associate Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2020/07
Type Articles
Peer Review With peer review
Title Species-specific nitrogen resorption proficiency in legumes and nonlegumes.
Contribution Type Co-Authored Publication
Journal Journal of Plant Research
Journal TypeAnother Country
Volume, Issue, Pages 133,pp.639-648
Author and coauthor Oikawa, S. Matsui, Y, Oguro, M, Okanishi, M, Tanabe, R, Tanaka, T, Togashi, A, Itagaki T.
Details 日本の温帯地域でマメ科植物25種と非マメ科植物25種の共生生育中のマメ科植物を対象とし,マメ科植物の落葉からの窒素吸収能を調べた.担当範囲:調査個体を用いた網羅的な分子系統解析を担当した。