Department   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Human Environmental Studies
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2019/06
Type Articles
Peer Review With peer review
Title In situ UV–VIS–NIR spectrophotometric detection system as a research tool for environment-friendly chemical processes
Contribution Type Co-Authored Publication
Journal Environmental Technology & Innovation
Journal TypeAnother Country
Publisher Elsevier
Volume, Issue, Pages 15
Number of pages 15
Author and coauthor Kunio Kawamura, Tsubasa Hatanaka, Kazuhiro Hamahiga, Michio Ueshima, Kazuyuki Nakai
Details We recently demonstrated the solid-state catalyst-mediated hydrothermal flow reactor system, SSCM-HF, for in situ ultraviolet–visible (UV–VIS) absorption spectrophotometric measurements of solid–liquid two-phase reactions within the second time-scale at high temperature. Successful results were obtained using SSCM-HF in the UV–VIS region, including the oxidation of alcohols to aldehyde with dissolved oxygen and the conversion of glucose into 5’-hydroxymethylfurfural. Here, the scope and detailed characteristics of the Hydrothermal Flow detection system for in situ absorption spectrophotometric measurements in the UV–VIS near-infrared (NIR) region (UVN region) (HF-UVN) as well as improvement of weak points of the previous system were investigated.