Department   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Commercial Sciences
   Position   Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2020/02
Type books
Title A Study on a Directional Mutation Operation for an Adaptive Differential Evolution
Contribution Type Contributor
Journal Current Researches for Applied Economics, Information Systems, Mathematics and OR
Journal TypeJapan
Publisher Kyushu University Press
Volume, Issue, Pages pp.59-71
Number of pages 12
Author and coauthor Setsuko Sakai, Tetsuyuki Takahama
Details In the study, the mutation strategies are paid attention to and the search efficiency of JADE is improved. Some mutation strategies using directional difference vectors from a bad individual to a good individual have been proposed.However, if only the directional difference vectors are used, there is a risk that the population moves in same direction repeatedly and the population will be trapped in a local solution. In this study, we propose a method that realizes more stable search by combining not only the directional difference vectors but also the difference vectors in the opposite direction to some extent.
ISBN 978-4-7985-0283-0