ISHIDA Takashi
   Department   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences
   Position   Associate Professor
Language English
Publication Date 2022/02
Type Articles
Peer Review With peer review
Title "A Map Talks to You in English but Not in Japanese: How the Public and Private Self Encode Different Aspects of the Human-Object Interaction"
Contribution Type Co-Authored Publication
Journal Tsukuba English Studies
Journal TypeJapan
Publisher 筑波英語学会
Volume, Issue, Pages 40,pp.147-169
Author and coauthor Takashi Ishida and Ryohei Naya
Details This paper investigates which aspects of human-object interaction are linguistically encoded by the public and private selves, based on Hirose's (1995, 2000) proposal that the speaker has two distinct aspects, referred to as the 'public self' and the 'private self'. Specifically, after overviewing Ishida and Naya's (2018) contrastive analysis of the language of public signs, including maps, signboards, and traffic signs in Japanese and English, we further employ Gibson's (1979) Affordance Theory and explore our hypothesis that the public self tends to encode aspects of the environment's capability to support a particular activity for a perceiver (i.e. affordance); in contrast, the private self tends to encode aspects of a perceiver's capability to perform that activity (i.e. effectivity) (cf. Turvey (1992:179)).