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  ジェンセン ポール   JENSEN, Paul Edward
  JENSEN, Paul E.
   所属   広島修道大学  経済科学部
   職種   准教授
■ オフィスアワー
質問・相談等がある場合は、メールで連絡してください。Please contact me via email if you want to meet with me in person.
■ 現在の専門分野
言語学, 音響・音声分析, データ分析・暗号化技術, コンピューター技術, ソフトウエア開発 
1. 音響学 
2. スラング・タブー表現 
3. 照応形 
4. 教室用のテクノロジー 
5. マルチメディア作成 
■ 学歴
1. 2005/09~2007/06 カリフォルニア大学院サンタクルーズ校 理論言語学修士学位習得計画 修士課程修了 理論言語学修士
■ 資格・免許
1. 2011/02 財団法人日本国際教育支援協会 日本語能力試験1級 受験番号 7320748 (JLPT Certification Level N1)
■ 所属学会
1. 2012/04~ 全国語学教育学会
2. 2012/10~ 米国言語学会
3. 2013/10~ 日本言語学会
4. 2015/01~ 日本ムードル協会
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 論文  An Edge-Preserving Inverse Halftoning Algorithm for Ordered Dithered Images (単著) 2017/02
2. 論文  Diachronic Constraint Re-Ranking: Evidence from Japanese (単著) 2013/09
3. その他 Hiroshima JALT Chapter Report for June 2013 (単著) 2013/09
■ 授業科目
1. アクティブ・イングリッシュⅠ
2. 英語コミュニケーション研究Ⅴ
3. 英語プレゼンテーションⅡ
4. 英語プレゼンテーション研究Ⅰ
5. 英語リーディングⅢ
■ 主要学科目
■ メールアドレス
■ メッセージ
Please stop by my office and see me. I'm always happy to talk about English, culture, and anything else that might be on your mind.
■ 改善への取り組み
As in previous years, on the first day of class I explained the syllabus, including topics covered and grading criteria. I used active learning techniques, such as pair and group work, in all of my classes. I encouraged my students to actively work with each other to answer questions, solve problems, and discuss issues. Last year I was able to closely follow the plan of each course, and I feel that the courses were successful in general.
アクティブ・イングリッシュⅠ - Students follow lessons in a textbook and role-played various conversations. 英語コミュニケーション研究 - Students discuss various culture-related topics, participate in unique communication training activities, and make presentations in English. 英語プレゼンテーションⅡ - Students learn how to write a formal research paper, step-by-step. 英語プレゼンテーション研究Ⅰ - Students practice presenting their own ideas to an audience. Final presentations are capture on video, and viewed an discussed by the students for feedback purposes. 英語リーディングⅢ - Students analyze short reading passages and complete a variety of grammar and vocabulary exercises. 英語リスニングⅠ,Ⅴ - Students take notes on short- or medium-length listening passages and analyze their content. They also complete vocabulary and grammar exercises.
In 2017 I conducted surveys in my Presentation Studies Course and my Cultural Communication course. The feedback I received from students was positive in general.
In 2017 I opened my Presentation Studies and Cultural Communication classes, but no one applied to attend the classes.
I encourage my students to visit my office or contact me via email when they need help. I send out announcements about homework, links to downloadable handouts, and other materials to support students who have had to miss class due to illness or job hunting. This year I also helped one of my students prepare for Eiken, and to find preparation materials for when he will participate in the International Center's Disney internship program.
I was not involved with any extracurricular groups.