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  ルーオー グレゴリー トーマス   ROUAULT, Gregory T.
  ROUAULT, Gregory T.
   所属   広島修道大学  商学部
   職種   准教授
■ 現在の専門分野
応用言語学, サステイナブル・ビジネス・マネジメント, マーケティング 
3205 第二言語習得理論, 外国語教育制度, 文化間コミュニケーション 
1. 国際ビジネスコミュニケーション 
2. シミュレーションを使用したタスクベースの言語教育 
3. 多読 
■ 学歴
1. 2003/09~2004/10 ディーキン大学大学院 教育学部 TESOL(外国語としての英語教授法専攻) 修士課程修了 Master of Applied Linguistics
2. 2004/09~2006/09 マッコーリー大学大学院 言語学部 TESOL(言語学習プログラムマネジメント専攻) 修士課程修了 修士(応用言語学)
■ 所属学会
1. 2005/04~ Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT)
2. 2005/04~ ∟ JALT Pan- SIG Conference Proposal Reviewer
3. 2008/04~ ∟ JALT International Conference Proposal Reviewer
4. 2018/04~ American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
5. 2018/04~ Association of Supervision Curriculum and Development (ASCD)
■ 職歴
1. 2019/04~ 広島修道大学 商学部 准教授
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 論文  An action research study into learner profiles of graded reading online (共著) 2022/12
2. 論文  Developing Sustainable Marketing Strategies: A Case Study of "Crocs" (単著) 2021/09
3. 論文  Sustainability Marketing and The Toyota Way (単著) 2021/02
4. 論文  Language learning strategies and individual learner characteristics:
An extended review (共著) 2020/11
5. 論文  Leadership and Communication in Higher Education Ad hoc Committees (単著) 2020/09
■ 学会発表
1. 2023/03/11 An Action Research Study into Learner Profiles of Graded Reading Online(JACET (Chubu))
2. 2022/11/13 Practical Tasks for Teaching/Learning International Business Communication(JALT International Conference) Link
3. 2022/09/15 10 (or 12) Practical Hints for Taking or Teaching TOEFL/IELTS(Teachers Helping Teachers Kyrgyzstan 2022)
4. 2022/08/05 Diagnosing gaps in foreign language reading: A framework and tools for it(Extensive Reading Around the World (ERAW 2022)) Link
5. 2022/07/10 Business Simulation Games: Unconventional Spaces for Practical Learning(JALT Pan-SIG 2022) Link
■ 授業科目
1. アクティブ・イングリッシュⅠ
2. アクティブ・イングリッシュⅡ
3. ビジネス英語Ⅲ
4. ビジネス英語Ⅳ
5. 英語リーディングⅠ
■ 主要学科目
国際ビジネスコミュニケーション I-IV, 英語リーディング I-II, アクティブイングリッシュ I-II, ビジネス英語, 英語ディスカッション
■ 社会における活動
1. 2011/11~ (各種団体等の活動)編集者(Book Reviews)JALT Journal
2. 2007/08~ (各種団体等の活動)Teachers Helping Teachers(THT)
3. 2005/11~ (各種団体等の活動)JALT Conference Proceedings
4. 2004/11~ (各種団体等の活動)JALT Publications & ER in Japan
5. 2004/08~ (各種団体等の活動)日本バレーボール協会エグゼクティブ・インストラクター国際審判員対象Ⅰスクール
■ 教育に関する発表
1. 2022/10
Dissing the disinformation for student-led discussions on current events
Association for Business Communication (ABC)
2022 - 87th Annual International ABC Conference
Gregory Rouault
2. 2021/10
"But Wait, There's More!" TV Shopping Infomercial Presentations
Association for Business Communication (ABC)
86th Annual International Conference ABC
Gregory Rouault
3. 2020/06
Reader’s Theatre
Extensive Reading (ER) SIG JALT
JALT Pan-SIG 2020
Gregory Rouault
4. 2019/12
Participation Cards: Creating an Active Learning Community with your Learner(s)
Learner Development SIG (JALT)
5th Annual Creating Community: Learning Together (CCLT5) Conference
5. 2018/08
Classroom research revisited: Who are the ‘practitioners’?
Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET)
The 1st JACET Summer (45th) and English Education (6th) Joint Seminar
■ 開発した教材、教科書、参考書
1. 2018/08
Introduction to Career English B-2
Fall semester project - Teacher and student notes
2. 2020/05
Self-study Modules for Eigo Reading I (online) and II (face to face) in Google Classroom
3. 2021/04
Influencing Learner Motivation and Developing Skills Through Reading Activities
The English Connection: Korea TESOL
4. 2022/06
"But Wait, There's More!" TV Shopping Infomercial Presentations
Association for Business Communication (ABC)
■ 改善への取り組み
Teaching policies and plans were followed per the online syllabus for elective courses and in the course outline that was created for each section of my compulsory courses. Classes were partially flipped (フリップト・アプローチ)with self-study done outside of the lesson time for homework and the class time divided among (a) task-based active learning production/output in pairs/groups and (b) feedback and instructions and troubleshooting on self-study, toward fulfillment of the course objectives in terms of knowledge, skills, and improved confidence and self-awareness.
Drawing on vocabulary measures captured with free online tools for all incoming freshmen last year, online vocabulary flashcards from Quizlet were introduced that were aligned with the textbook at the vocabulary levels to measure the learning needs identified previously. MReader online quizzes were used to confirm comprehension in tadoku reading. Students were again able to access more learne level-appropriate reading materials from the library. A new business simulation game was introduced.
- Post-workshop panelist for Teachers Helping Teachers on preparations for and teaching for standardized tests. - Zoom room host and moderator for 4+ hours during Extensive Reading Around the World online.
Student evaluations were conducted in class via the “Shudo system.” With students attending in person in small class sizes, more information archived for students to access through Google Classroom offered opportunities to simplify task instructions by making L1 language support available and by providing online access for greater comfort and engagement in homework & self-study assignments.
Of the several courses and class lessons made available in both the Spring and Fall terms, this Spring term, three observers attended 3 of my lessons in two different courses - ビジネス英語_III and 国際ビジネスコミュニケーション_I. This was the first time that 2 people had attended different lessons of the same class in the same semester. In each case, the observers were also teaching the same type of courses: Business English I (to a lower level of students) and email writing in Japanese. Although the approaches to planning the lesson, developing activities, and delivering the lesson with the students were based on very different views of language learning and teaching, it was useful to get the perspective from other instructors dealing with similar course contents and somewhat directly the same type of course outcomes/goals.
-As a tutor, I met with 3 students who achieved lower than the minimum target number of credits. - The value for job hunting of the practical tasks being learned was reinforced to seniors and elective course students for their “life after Shudo” while also sharing reminders of Career Center seminars on campus.
I was not assigned to assist formally with any club/circle activities.