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  ロナルド ジェームス マーチン   RONALD, James M.
  RONALD, James M.
   所属   広島修道大学  人文学部
   職種   教授
■ オフィスアワー
Contact me to arrange to meet.
■ 現在の専門分野
vocabulary、vocabulary acquisition、dictionaries、lexicography、pragmatics、語彙習得、語用論、学習者独立、辞書学、多読 
1. 第二言語語彙習得における辞書の役割 
1. 今やっている研究分野は語彙習得と辞書学と言語の教室で使うできる語用論。 最近の研究は電子辞書の使い方と語彙習得にある影響です。 
■ 学歴
1. 1997/10~2007/03 ウエールズ大学大学院 応用言語学 博士課程修了 Ph.D. in Vocabulary Studies
2. 1991/10~1993/12 バーミンガム大学 応用言語学 修士課程修了 MA in Applied Linguistics
3. ~1981/10 インターナショナルハウス 外国語としての英語教授法基礎コース(RSA Preparatory Certificate for TEFL) 修了
4. ~1981/07 ケント大学カンタベリー校 文学部 仏文学科 卒業 BA Honors
5. ~1980/07 ブリティッシュ・インスティチュート フランス語と文化コース 修了 Diploma
■ 所属学会
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 著書  Beyond “I’ve Got It” or “It Worked” From Teaching Pragmatics to Learning Pragmatics (共著) 2020/06 Link
2. 著書  Pragtivities: Bringing pragmatics to second language classrooms (共著) 2012/12
3. 著書  Collins COBUILD English Dictionary (Learner´s Dictionary) (共著) 1995/03
4. 論文  Adventures of an Academic Pioneer: Getting Through the Ethics Review
in a Foreign Land (共著) 2020/12
5. 論文  Curriculum Development: Active English for 1st Year University Students (共著) 2019/02
■ 授業科目
1. Active English Ⅰ
2. Active English Ⅲ
3. Active English Ⅴ
4. Active English Ⅶ
5. Social English Ⅰ
■ 主要学科目
Active English
■ 社会における活動
1. 2005/04~ 英語での聖書研究
2. 2005/04~ 英語での聖書研究
■ 教育に関する発表
1. 2021/12
From emails to business letters: Teacher explorations in learner autonomy and pragmatics
Hiroshima One-Day Online Conference: Second Language Writers, Teachers, and Identity
Jim Ronald
2. 2020/10
Pragmatics in the English Classroom
Kita-Kyushu JALT
Kita-Kyushu JALT monthly meeting
Jim Ronald
3. 2020/01
Pragmatics in the English Classroom
Prefectural Hiroshima Board of Education
January 2020 ALT Conference
4. 2019/11
To Have a Voice: Pragmatics, Opportunity, Action
JALT 2019
5. 2018/06
Pragmatics for in and out of the classroom
Fukuoka JALT Chapter meeting
Jim Ronald
■ 開発した教材、教科書、参考書
1. 2020/06
Beyond “I’ve Got It” or “It Worked” From Teaching Pragmatics to Learning Pragmatics
2. 2020/06
Pragmatics Undercover: The Search for Natural Talk in EFL Textbooks
3. 2020/06
Pragmatics Undercover: The Search for Natural Talk in EFL Textbooks
4. 2020/06
Sitting Next to a New Classmate
■ メールアドレス
■ 改善への取り組み
The goal for 1st year students of creating a friendly, supportive learner community was largely met this year. Interaction was good, and pairwork and groupwork was always undertaken with enthusiasm. For 2nd and 3rd year students, goals of increased learner autonomy and initial research met with some degree of success. For 4th year students and students in graduate classes, the main objectives were related to the conducting and writing up research. For 4th year students, this was successful, but some graduate students did not complete their studies as hoped.
Ongoing interactive end-of-class feedback, conducted with four classes per week, has been the main tool both for general faculty development and for student evaluation in response to materials used in class.
I was a senior planner for the Hiroshima JALT One-Day Conference in December, 2021
Some of my classes were formally evaluated. As results are received after the courses finished, results of weekly or bi-weekly feedback were applied.
I did open my Active English class and Social English class to colleagues but no colleagues attended the classes
Both online and in person, students were given the opportunity to talk about studies, study abroad, and job hunting. In addition, I manage a forum for communication, English Breakfast. Through this, around ten students from different years and faculties gather and share experiences, opinions, and goals.
I am the official representative of the San Frecce Supporters circle- and occasionally meet and hear how it is proceeding.