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  KAIO Naoto
   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Economic Sciences
■ Present specialized field
●Specialized field
Software, Social systems engineering/Safety system, Control engineering/Systemengineering 
●The main research themes
●Capable of joint research and research consultation content
■ Academic background
1. 1978/04~1981/03 Hiroshima University Graduate School, Division of Engineering 〔Doctoral course〕 Accomplished credits for doctoral program
■ Book and thesis
1. Book Optimal Ordering Policies with Randomized Lead Times and Free Warranty Period (Single) 2022/02
2. Book A study on continuous and discrete distributions block replacement policies taking account of free warranty interval (Single) 2021/02
3. Book A study on optimal preventive maintenance policies for cumulative damage models (Single) 2018/01
4. Thesis <フルペーパーズ>Availability analysis of an intrusion tolerant distributed server system with preventive maintenance (Collaboration) 2010/03
5. Thesis <フルペーパーズ>Optimal periodic maintenance strategy under an intermittently usedenvironment (Collaboration) 2001/10
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■ Subject
1. Applied Probability Theory
2. Directed Individual Studies
3. Directed Individual Studies
4. Directed Individual Studies
5. Directed Individual Studies
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■ Developed teaching materials, textbooks, reference books
1. 2021/04
Contribution Type : 単著
2. 2021/08
Contribution Type : 単著
3. 2021/08
Contribution Type : 単著