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  ROUAULT, Gregory T.
   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Commercial Sciences
   Associate Professor
■ Present specialized field
●Specialized field
Applied Linguistics, Sustainable Business Management, Marketing 
3205 second language acquisition theory, foreign language education management, intercultural communication 
●The main research themes
1. International business communication 
2. task-based language teaching with simulations 
3. extensive reading 
●Capable of joint research and research consultation content
■ Research activities
1. 2005/04~ Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT)
2. 2005/04~ ∟ JALT Pan- SIG Conference Proposal Reviewer
3. 2008/04~ ∟ JALT International Conference Proposal Reviewer
4. 2018/04~ American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
5. 2018/04~ Association of Supervision Curriculum and Development (ASCD)
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■ Business career
1. 2019/04~ Hiroshima shudo University The Faculty of Commercial Sciences Associate Professor
■ Book and thesis
1. Thesis An action research study into learner profiles of graded reading online (Collaboration) 2022/12
2. Thesis Developing Sustainable Marketing Strategies: A Case Study of "Crocs" (Single) 2021/09
3. Thesis Sustainability Marketing and The Toyota Way (Single) 2021/02
4. Thesis Language learning strategies and individual learner characteristics:
An extended review (Collaboration) 2020/11
5. Thesis Leadership and Communication in Higher Education Ad hoc Committees (Single) 2020/09
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2023/03/11 An Action Research Study into Learner Profiles of Graded Reading Online (JACET (Chubu))
2. 2022/11/13 Practical Tasks for Teaching/Learning International Business Communication (JALT International Conference) Link
3. 2022/09/15 10 (or 12) Practical Hints for Taking or Teaching TOEFL/IELTS (Teachers Helping Teachers Kyrgyzstan 2022)
4. 2022/08/05 Diagnosing gaps in foreign language reading: A framework and tools for it (Extensive Reading Around the World (ERAW 2022)) Link
■ Subject
1. Active English I
2. Active English II
3. Business English III
4. Business English IV
5. English Reading I
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■ Main Subject
International Business Communication I-IV, English Reading I&II, Active English I&II, Business English, English Discussion
■ Activity in society
1. 2011/11~ Book Reviews Editor - JALT Journal
2. 2004/08~ Japan Volleyball Association Executive Instructor - I School
■ Announcement about the education
1. 2022/10
Dissing the disinformation for student-led discussions on current events
Association for Business Communication (ABC)
2022 - 87th Annual International ABC Conference
Contribution Type : 単独
Gregory Rouault
2. 2021/10
"But Wait, There's More!" TV Shopping Infomercial Presentations
Association for Business Communication (ABC)
86th Annual International Conference ABC
Contribution Type : 単独
Gregory Rouault
3. 2020/06
Reader’s Theatre
Extensive Reading (ER) SIG JALT
JALT Pan-SIG 2020
Contribution Type : 単独
Gregory Rouault
4. 2019/12
Participation Cards: Creating an Active Learning Community with your Learner(s)
Learner Development SIG (JALT)
5th Annual Creating Community: Learning Together (CCLT5) Conference
Contribution Type : 単独
5. 2018/08
Classroom research revisited: Who are the ‘practitioners’?
Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET)
The 1st JACET Summer (45th) and English Education (6th) Joint Seminar
Contribution Type : 単独
■ Developed teaching materials, textbooks, reference books
1. 2018/08
Introduction to Career English B-2
Fall semester project - Teacher and student notes
Contribution Type : 共著
2. 2020/05
Self-study Modules for Eigo Reading I (online) and II (face to face) in Google Classroom
Contribution Type : 単著
3. 2021/04
Influencing Learner Motivation and Developing Skills Through Reading Activities
The English Connection: Korea TESOL
Contribution Type : 単著
4. 2022/06
"But Wait, There's More!" TV Shopping Infomercial Presentations
Association for Business Communication (ABC)
Contribution Type : 単著