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  ISHIZUKA Hiroyuki
   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences
■ Present specialized field
●Specialized field
Linguistics, Foreign language education, Library and information science/Humanistic social informatics 
Interpreting,Translation,Discource processing,Construction of concepts, Interpreting training 
●The main research themes
1. Exploration of the cognitive process during interpreting 
2. Interpreting training in language teaching 
●Capable of joint research and research consultation content
■ Academic background
1. 1989/04~1994/03 Keio University Faculty of Economics Graduated BA in Economics
2. 2005/10~2007/03 University of Bath MA in Interpreting and Translating〔Master degree program〕 Completed MA in Interpreting and Translating
3. 2008/04~2013/03 Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Research Institute of Foreign Studies 〔Doctoral course〕 Completed
■ Research activities
1. 2007/02~ Japan Association for Interpreting and Translation Studies
2. 2010~ The Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association
3. 2010~ The Pragmatics Society of Japan
4. 2014~ International Pragmatics Association
5. 2018~ International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies Link
■ Business career
1. 2014/04~2018/03 Hiroshima shudo University The Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences Associate Professor
2. 2018/04~ Hiroshima shudo University The Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences Professor
■ Book and thesis
1. Book Corpora in Interpreting Studies: East Asian Perspectives (Collaboration) 2023/12 Link
2. Book Word Order in English-Japanese Interpreting and Translation: The History, Theory and Practice of Progressive Translation (Collaboration) 2023/02 Link
3. Thesis Conceptual operations for progressive translation: The additional translation of demonstratives during simultaneous interpreting from English into Japanese (Single) 2021/03 Link
4. Thesis How to teach reproduction based on the interpreting process: Segmentation, tagging and working memory (Single) 2020/03
5. Thesis Cognitive processing in sight-translation: segmentation, retention, reorganization (Single) 2018/08 Link
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2023/07/10 Interpersonal cognition in simultaneous interpreters’ discourse processing (18th Internatonal Pragmatics Conference)
2. 2023/02/10 The Role of Additional Demonstratives and Interpersonal Cognition in Simultaneous Interpreting (SOAS CTS Global Seminar Series 2022-23)
3. 2022/12/08 How Multiple Visual Input Affects Interpreting Performance in Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI): An Experimental Study (The 3rd HKBU International Conference on Interpreting)
■ Subject
1. Applied Linguistics Seminar VI
2. Applied Linguistics VI
3. General Studies in Liberal Arts a(Translation and Our World)
4. Seminar of Interpretation I(Introduction)
5. Seminar of Interpretation III(Simultaneous Interpretation)
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■ Announcement about the education
1. 2019/06
Contribution Type : 単独
■ Developed teaching materials, textbooks, reference books
1. 2020/01
Contribution Type : 単著