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   Hiroshima shudo University  The Faculty of Human Environmental Studies
■ Present specialized field
●Specialized field
Education for Sustainable Development, Social Innovation, Policy Science 
Environmental Education,Social Innovation,E.S.D.,Nature School,Wellness 
●The main research themes
1. Education for Sustainable Development 
●Capable of joint research and research consultation content
■ Academic background
1. 1982/04~1986/03 Doshisha University Faculty of Economics Graduated
2. 2004/04~2006/03 Doshisha University Graduate School of Policy and Management Policy and Management〔Master degree program〕 Completed
3. 2011/02
Degree Acquisition
Doshisha University Ph.D in Social Innovation, Doshisha University
■ Business career
1. 1986/03~1993/03 Kyoto YMCA Director
2. 1993/10~ Colors of Nature CEO
3. 2012/04~2015/03 Hiroshima shudo University The Faculty of Human Environmental Studies Associate Professor
4. 2015/04~ Hiroshima shudo University The Faculty of Human Environmental Studies Professor
5. 2018/09~2019/08 University of California, Santa Cruz Environmental Studies Research Associate Link
■ Book and thesis
1. Thesis "Farm-to-College" Movement at the University of California, Santa Cruz (Single) 2020/12 Link
2. Thesis Seminar / Forum on Environmental Education for Disaster Risk Reduction- Discussion about Learning for DRR - (Collaboration) 2020/08 Link
3. Thesis Garden Projects by Alan Chadwick and Influences to the Organic Movement in California (Single) 2020/02 Link
■ Subject
1. Directed Research
2. Eco-tourism
3. Environmental Education
4. Environmental Education Planning
5. Environmental Project
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■ Developed teaching materials, textbooks, reference books
1. 2021/10
Contribution Type : 分担